About Church Council

The Church Council provides a leadership role for the congregation as well as operating as a kind of ‘board of management’ for the church. The Council is made up of up to 16 members (elected and/or co-opted) plus the Ministry team. It gives priority in its life to building up the Congregation in Faith and Love, sustaining its members in Hope, and leading the Congregation to a fuller participation in Christ's mission in the world. This is reflected in the agenda of its ordinary meetings which includes:
  • Sharing with the Ministry team in mission and in the pastoral care and spiritual oversight of the Congregation;
  • Nurturing the members and adherents in their growth and grace;
  • Pursuing a vision for the development and longer term growth of the Congregation through the adoption of a Strategic Plan for the expansion of Christ's Kingdom amongst people of the Gap and beyond;
  • Making decisions in accordance with the regulations concerning baptism, confirmation and membership, and the keeping and reviewing of the rolls of the congregation;
  • Assisting the Ministry team in the conduct of worship and in the administration of the sacraments;
  • Determining the time and place of services of public worship;
  • Carrying out its functions concerning applicants for the specified ministries of Minister, Deacon, Community Minister, Lay Pastor, Lay Preacher, Pastor and Youth Worker, having regard to the regulations;
  • Managing the financial affairs and the general administration of the Congregation including the reception, preparation and presentation of all necessary budgets, statements and reports;
  • Managing and controlling property in accordance with the regulations;
  • Preparing and presenting to a meeting of the Congregation an annual report concerning the life and work of the Congregation including its worship, mission and service, and making recommendations with regard to the program for the ensuing year;
  • Exercising oversight of the appointment of officers and leaders of Congregational organizations;
  • Following the Synod approved Manual for Meetings in the conduct of its meetings; and
  • Referral of matters to Presbytery as prescribed.
Church Council also appoints from within its membership Mission Team Leaders for the Mission Teams (Reach Out, Engage In, Worship & Resource) which report to the Church Council and the Congregation on a regular basis. Church Council also oversees Safe Ministry with Children for The Gap UC which covers child safety.

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