Elders & Pastoral Carers

The ministry of Elder is one of spiritual oversight, and may also be exercised in:

  • pastoral visitation;
  • teaching;
  • encouraging members of the Congregation to share in mission; and
  • assisting the Minister in leadership of worship and administration of the sacraments and other areas in the life of the Congregation.

In addition the role of ‘Pastoral Carer’ has been created in order for other members of the congregation to assist the Elders in their spiritual oversight. These carers are selected by the Pastoral Care Group and approved by Church Council.

Elders are elected each year in November for a period of 2 – 5 years by majority vote by the congregation. Elders are also able to be on the Church Council and are elected onto the council by the Congregation for a period of 2 – 5 years at the same time. The Elders comprise the Pastoral Care Group within the broader Care Team under the Church Council.

Eldership Booklet – 2013

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