Families and Youth and Young Adults Pastors

  Katherine Ruhle joined our ministry team in 2018 as the Families’ Pastor.  She is passionate about supporting and equipping families as they discover more about what it means to be followers of Jesus.  Katherine has spent her whole working life working with children and families as a youth/children’s pastor in Dalby, an early childhood music specialist, a playgroup co-ordinator, a school teacher and as a children’s choral conductor.  When she isn’t working, Kath loves spending time with her family (husband John and three daughters), keeping fit, going for long walks, reading books and composing choral music.          
My name is Fa Matangi and I am the new YAYA pastor (Youth and Young Adults Pastor) for TGUC.  I never thought this would happen…but neither did the rest of the free world with COVID19’s impacts and affects…to say the least it has been a very unconventional way of beginning work at The Gap…but it has made things very interesting and has kept me on my toes, learning new things in this new space online, even if I have been kicking, screaming and getting dragged over the line!! A few things about me for those who don’t’ really know me and wonder – who is this strange person we see online for Night Church?
  • I live behind the church and if I don’t have to go anywhere after being at the church I will drive…yes it looks funny and lazy going out of the driveway of Walton Way to just pull into the Church driveway!
  • Chocolate is life. Nothing else needs to be said about this statement!
  • My favourite colour is pink. This always surprises me because I was a massive tomboy and was into blue and purple but I don’t know at which moment my favourite colour changed but it is definitely pink.
  • I don’t really have hobbies but I my favourite past times is when I’m doing crossfit/weightlifting (I’m not that good but it keeps pushing my body and mind to new limits that I never thought would be capable) and getting lost in the world of K-Dramas (Korean Dramas) because this world is just awesome when you need to escape and find some ridiculous but sweet storylines! Don’t judge me!! I am also in to K-Pop (Korean pop) but there is a particular genre of K-pop I love. Do I understand what they are saying…not really…but does it matter when its got a good beat and get’s your body grooving? Not to me 😊
  • My husband and I don’t lead a conventional married life. We have been married for 5 years and have lived apart for that time. I live in Australia and he lives in Tonga. You probably have a lot of questions, that’s all good you can come and have a chat to me about how weird we are. Is it hard? Absolutely! Do I recommend it? Absolutely not!
  • I am 2 Generation Tongan Australian, which means I was born in Australia (Gove, Northern Territory – Right at the top) and born to Tongan parents who migrated from their home land to Australia.
There is so much more things I can put in here but why don’t we have conversations and you can learn more about me and I can learn more about you. I look forward to being in ministry with you all at The Gap UC.  

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