Our vision & priorities

Our vision
growing life-long disciples of christ

Our values

  • COMMUNITY – We support one another and those in need
  • INNOVATION – We encourage new events , activities and ministries that are Spirit led
  • LEARNING – We seek to deepen our faith and understanding of God
  • SERVICE – We are a serving Church and embrace responding with generosity

Strategic priorities

The current Five Year Priorities of The Gap Uniting Church came out of a Presbytery Consultation that occurred in 2016 and involved members of the Congregation.

Priorities are areas in which the Congregation, Council, Ministry Teams and members will concentrate efforts to maximise the impact of God’s work in The Gap. They work hand-in-hand with the Congregation’s broader mission as set out above and complement the many other activities, events, programs or groups that are not directly covered.

The Priorities and Goals will be used by Church Council and the Care, Discipleship, Finance, Ministry, Outreach and Worship Teams to prepare their plans for each year.

  • Priority 1: Growing our intergenerational ministry and worship
    • Commence and embed an engaging, free ranging Worship Service, owned by the youth & young adults & open
    • Work towards another Worship Service in 2021 that draws on the strengths & mission of the current Morning Service
  • Priority 2: Growing our membership through outreach, belonging and ministry opportunities
    • Acknowledge ‘the gaps’ within The Gap Uniting Church and be authentic in our engagement within our community
    • Develop strategies to grow belonging and fellowship
    • Develop strategies that allow our activities, programs and processes to be scalable to meet the requirements of congregational growth
  • Priority 3: Growing our commitment to faith development
    • Grow the ‘Heart’ (spiritual/relationship) areas of our Church to match the strengths of our ‘Head’ (thinking) and ‘Hand’ (serving) areas
    • Be intentionally intergenerational in faith formation and develop strategies for family faith formation
    • Provide opportunities to encourage congregational members to continue their discipleship journey
  • Priority 4: Growing the use of spiritual gifts and leadership abilities
    • Build a culture of succession planning that promotes permission and empowerment by giving people authority and trust, not just tasks – Leadership at all levels
    • Grow leadership that aligns with peoples’ passions, gifts and life experiences
    • Invest in the training, support and growth of individuals through leadership and/or mentoring
  • Priority 5: Growing our call to mission beyond The Gap
    • Engage and connect with surrounding suburbs and reach outside of “The Gap”
    • Provide a significant mission opportunity on an annual basis

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