Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals

Our Auditorium is available for Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals.


At The Gap Uniting Church, our church is a symbol of God’s presence with us, and we trust that in considering to be married in a Church building, it will help you feel His presence.  Your wedding will take place within the act of Christian worship, where we acknowledge God’s purpose for your life and ask for His help within your marriage and your relationship.  You will need to contact the Church Office to confirm a date and time as well as arrange for an appointment to meet with our Minster and fill in the ‘Notice of Intention of Marriage’, at least one month before the wedding.  This form is a legal requirement before a marriage can take place.  For additional information, including cost of venue hire, please consult our Wedding booklet  which is designed to assist you in planning your wedding.

Your wedding ceremony will take place in our auditorium.  As per our Wedding booklet, your booking will automatically include the use of the foyer and kitchen areas as well.  A description of these areas follows:

Church Auditorium


The main auditorium can seat up to 300 people in pew seating.  Up to 50 additional chairs can be added at the rear of the auditorium to increase capacity if required.  Use of the basic PA and computer system allows access to and use of the computer/projection system, lighting system, 2 lectern microphones, 1 handheld wireless microphone and a CD player for audio. Use of the full sound and computer system allows access to multiple additional channels for audio (through microphones) and extra wireless microphones.  For an additional $100 per operator, per hour, our qualified sound and computer personnel can run all of these systems to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible.  If a complex setup/rehearsal time is required, this will incur additional charges.  Please consult the Wedding booklet for more information, or contact the Church Office.

* Please note that once the Church has identified a Church-approved Computer/Sound Panel Operator, all further arrangements are to be made directly between the Hirer and the Operator(s).

Foyer and Kitchen


The foyer area is accessed via the main Church entry and leads into the auditorium or onto a back deck area. Use of the foyer and kitchen can also include the use of the back deck if required.  There are additional tables and chairs that can be setup that are kept in a storage area in the foyer.  The kitchen has cups, plates and cooking utensils as well as the following facilities:

  • Twin Oven
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Zip Heater
  • Microwave
  • Dishwasher


Baptism is a significant moment in the life of any child or adult.  At The Gap Uniting Church, we have the joy and blessing of working with families as they bring their children for baptism and also young adults and adults who were not baptised as infants, as they decide to be baptised.  If you are considering baptism for yourself or your child then please complete the Baptism Enquiry Form and email it to the Church Office Our Ministry Team look forward to working with you towards baptism.


At The Gap Uniting Church, funerals take place within the act of Christian worship, where we acknowledge God’s purpose for life and ask for His help dealing with loss.  Please note the majority of these arrangements can usually be handled through a Funeral service allowing family members to concentrate on supporting each other and close friends. If you have chosen to organise the service and details yourself, please consult our Funeral Booklet which is designed to assist you in planning a funeral.

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