Grow Sunday School


For: those aged 3 and up!

Coordinator: Kath Ruhle

Our Grow Sunday School is an opportunity for our young people to learn about the life and example of Jesus Christ and how they can grow his teachings in their own life.  “Grow” is a place where little sprouts are nurtured and loved by the Gardener and grow in to strong, healthy, wise plants!

During term time, we offer classes during our morning worship service.  Our little ones have a space just for them – 3, 4, 5 year olds – where they learn through stories, songs and play.  For our older children, Grow teaching takes place in rotations which include story, craft, game & reflection and these rotations are often tailored for age appropriateness.  To read more about Grow download the Grow Flyer 

For more information contact our Families’ Pastor, Kath Ruhle 3300 2712

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