Refugee support

For: All Ages

What we do

  • Raise awareness:  We advertise in the church papers coming refugee events and needs of refugees. In 2013, in response to a need for bicycles, the Sunday-School held a cyclothon and raised enough money to buy 22 bikes, helmets, spare parts and a bike maintenance station for clients of the Romero Centre.
  • Contact with refugees and refugee groups:  Some  of our church members attend things like an Open Mosque Day and a Vigil for Refugees. Every week, one member teaches English at the Brisbane Immigration centre.  Some members keep in contact with refugees settled in the community.  One member tutors school-aged refugee children.
  • Provide material assistance:  Blankets and warm clothing are given to the Romero Centre in winter. Three refugee sewing groups in other parts of Brisbane have received donations of suitable material from The Gap Uniting Church.  Donated sewing machines have also been passed on.

How you can help

Please contact us if:
  • you wish to be a part of welcoming and assimilating new Australians into the Country.

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