Anzac Day Wreath

This Saturday coming is Anzac Day, the day when we remember not only the original ANZAC soldiers and their sacrifice at Gallipoli, but all Australian soldiers who have given their lives in defence of our country. We remember them for their bravery, their courage and their loyalty to country and to each other.

Our playgroup craft this week is an Anzac wreath. You will need:

  • paint (we used red, black and green but any colours work)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • 1 egg carton
  • 1 paper plate or light cardboard (eg a cereal box)

We make the base of the wreath using the paper plate, simply cutting out the centre of it to leave an “O” shape. If you’re using a cereal box or similar, cut to these measurements:

You can make this any colour you choose, but we decided to paint ours green, to look like the greenery that would normally be in a wreath.

Next, cut your egg carton up into twelve separate cups (supervise the scissors in this step!) The cups are then painted (these will become your flowers.) We painted ours red for remembrance, but any colour you have at home will do. (NB we discovered that when painted, our eggshells came out much darker than expected, more brown than red. We ended up painting them white first as a base coat, then red over the top.)

When the paint is dry (hairdryers are great to hurry this up, if it’s too hard to wait), paint just the inside centre a different colour.

And finally, when everything is dry, use glue on the base of each “flower” to glue them onto your wreath. Leave it flat to dry for a few hours before hanging up.

Lest We Forget.