Baa Baa Black Sheep

To go along with our playgroup video this week, we have Baa Baa Black (and white!) Sheep. To do this craft you will need:

  • 1 sheet each of white, black and green A4 paper
  • black and white paint, other colours optional
  • 1 pipe cleaner cut in half, more optional
  • glue
  • black felt pen
  • cotton wool (optional)
  • cotton buds for painting (optional)
  • googly eyes (optional)

To start with, take your half a pipe cleaner, and bend the end into a spiral shape, like this. We use this as a stamper. You can either make a second one for the second paint colour, or you can wash the first one, and squeeze dry it with some paper towel or tissue to reuse. Using the same one without cleaning it first, will result in some fairly murky stamping.

Using the pipe cleaner stamper, stamp the black page with white spirals, and the white page with black spirals. Let sit dry (or use a hair dryer if patience is too hard for your little person!)

From each of your (dry) stamped pages, cut two rectangles 8cm x 5cm, rounding the edges. These are the sheep’s bodies.

Cut two circles of each colour out also, about 4cm in diameter, for the heads. A medicine cup turned out to be the perfect width for us. Keep in mind when tracing your circles, that you will be using the BACK of your stamped pages for the heads, not the stamped side.

Lastly, we need to cut eight black ears out. A simple way to do this, is to cut four arcs along the edge of your paper, and then cut each arc in half.

So now we have all our shapes cut out and ready to go:
2 white and 2 black each of rectangles and circles + eight black ear shapes

Arrange your sheep as desired, on your green page, and add googly eyes (or draw eyes using the black felt pen.) You can also glue a little woolly fringe above the eyes, using cotton wool.

Now it’s up to you to decorate your sheep’s paddock, any way you choose. Using short pipe cleaner lengths, lengths of wool, cardboard, or crepe paper, you can add flowers, trees or grass. You can paint with cotton buds, or draw with felt pens. Your imagination is the limit!

Baaa baaa black sheep …. 🎶 😄