*Please note this page reflects the current status of these groups which is subject to change in the future


Quick Link to Program Planning Templates – TEMPLATES HERE


To adhere to the health recommendations in response to COVID-19, we are taking measures to reduce risk and care for our community. This means that we are making changes to the way we gather and worship together.


Whether you are a paid staff member, a volunteer or a member of our congregation or the wider community please:


  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Go home if you start to feel unwell and notify a leader as you leave
  • Get tested if you have symptoms of respiratory disease (cough, sore throat, breathing difficulties) or fever
  • Tell us if you have symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID or has been tested for COVID
  • Clean your personal items upon arrival such as sunglasses and mobile phones


If you are over the age of 70, over the age of 60 and have a significant/ chronic health issue or are over the age of 50 and are aboriginal with a significant/chronic health issue we recommend that you consider whether you should attend our services, events or activities for your own safety. Information to assist you with your decision is available HERE from the Queensland Government.


The Church Office is our central point of coordination in this time. Please contact them if you have any questions.





Recommencing Our Physical Life Together


Activities Run By or For Vulnerable People


While the Church is able to commence some activities subject to planning and Council approvals, this is made more complicated for those activities that rely solely on leaders/volunteers who are in the vulnerable category or where the majority of attendees are vulnerable people. The advice from the Qld Government continues to be that these people should protect themselves including avoiding non-essential travel and contact (Qld Gov Link). Some of these programs will be able to commence in reduced ways.


If your program/activity is run by or run for people in the vulnerable category, please speak with you Mission Team Leader, Ministry Staff Member or Church Council Chair to discuss options and timelines prior to starting to draft documentation.


Planning Templates & Draft Communications


If you would like to start planning the recommencement of your program / activity, you can do so using the templates located HERE. If you have questions about how to complete and progress these requirements, please reach out for help (to the Office or Mission Team).


The above link also includes draft communications you can sent to leaders, volunteers and attendees around our expectations on them.




The Gap Uniting Church has re-commenced worship every Sunday. Come join us for Morning Worship at 8:30am or Night Church at 6pm.

Whether it is from capped attendance numbers, social distancing requirements or personal preference, as worship recommences we acknowledge that some people will not be able to attend in person every week. A live-streaming approach for Morning Worship is now available with the aim for everyone to be able to participate in our Church community either online or in-person together. Visit http://live.thegapuca.org.au to access!

We need to reshape and prioritise different elements and teams. In particular, we will need to grow and expand some of our creative and technology helpers. If these areas excite or interest you – even at the expense of ceasing to serve in other roles, we would love to hear how you can help us worship together.


Regular Activities

  • Fit after Fifty – running multiple times per week
  • GUCCE (craft group) – running weekly during term time
  • Kids Hope – operating again at The Gap State School
  • Ladies Fellowship – ad-hoc events for 2021
  • Mega Grow (Sunday School) – operating monthly during Worship
  • Preparing the Church for Worship (volunteer roster) – recommencing with non-vulnerable workers
  • Playgroup – back in-person – bookings required – email & facebook for more information
  • Potting Group – running on Tuesday Mornings
  • Rosters associated with Worship – recommencing along with in-person Worship
  • Seniors’ Group – running again
  • Small Groups – commencing
  • Youth Groups (How to and Chill Lounge) – back in person


  • Church Office – weekdays 9am to midday – please avoid visiting the office wherever possible. If in doubt, call first!
  • Governance & Oversight Meetings (Church Council, Mission Teams and Program/Activity Meetings) – continuing online or in person if the Church Meetings Program Plan is followed
  • Property/Grounds Rosters – continue with appropriate social distancing, outdoor work only and other practices

Further information will be made available by the leader/coordinator of each activity as it rolls out.



  • The ability to help and support each other as friends and family of The Gap Uniting Church and our local community
  • The love and presence of Christ who walks beside us in this journey, guiding our way and strengthening us as we go